Country Girl

Lançado em setembro de 2012 (ePub) em Inglês
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    Country Girl
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    Resumo Country Girl

    The BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of Edna O'Brien's The Country Girls trilogy begins in August 2019.

    I thought of life's many bounties, to have known the extremities of joy and sorrow, love, crossed love and unrequited love, success and failure, fame and slaughter ...

    Born in Ireland in 1930 and driven into exile after publication of her controversial first novel, The Country Girls, Edna O'Brien is now hailed as one of the most majestic writers of her era - and Country Girl is her fabulous memoir.

    Born in rural Ireland, O'Brien weaves the tale of her life from convent school to elopement, divorce, single-motherhood, moving on to the wild parties of 1960s bohemian in London, encounters with Hollywood giants, pop stars, and literary titans, love and unrequited love, and glamorous trips to America as a celebrity writer.

    Country Girl is a rich and heady accounting of the events, people, emotions, and landscape that have forged a legendary author. O'Brien recasts her life with the imaginative alchemy of a poet, and the result is a memoir of sparkling wisdom and honesty.

    This ebook features the first chapter of Edna O'Brien's stunning new novel, Girl, published by Faber in September 2019 and available to pre-order now.

    Características detalhadasCountry Girl


    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Faber & Faber
    • Data de lançamento setembro 2012
    • EAN 9780571270941

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