Education for Special Needs

The Curative Education Course Lançado em dezembro de 2014 (ePub) em Inglês
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    Education for Special Needs
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    • 'Essentially we do not really have the right to talk about normality or abnormality in a child's inner life, nor indeed in the inner life of human beings altogether...One does not gain much from such labelling, and the first thing to happen should be that the physician or the teacher rejects such an assessment, and goes further than saying that something is clever or sensible according to the way people are habitually thinking.' - Rudolf Steiner Speaking in 1924, when general attitudes to people with special needs were... Ver mais

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    Resumo Education for special needs

    Steiner describes polarities of illness and courses of treatment from a comprehensive analysis. He considers many cases and gives indications on therapeutic exercises, diet and medicine, how the ‘I’ relates directly to the physical body, and spirit and soul need to be taken into consideration when making diagnoses. Revolutionary in its approach, the far-reaching perspectives of these lectures are a living source of inspiration to both professionals, parents and others seeking spiritual insight.

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