Essentials of marketing research

MALHOTRA, NARESH K. (Autor) Edição em Inglês
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    Essentials of marketing research
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    Resumo Essentials of marketing research

    This new book offers all the authority of Naresh Malhotra’s best-selling Marketing Research title combined with lots of European examples and a clear focus on helping students to understand how to diagnose and direct research questions that will support marketing decision making. Beyond this, students will get an appreciation of what good research design means. Secondary and primary data collection techniques; qualitative and quantitative methods and forms of analysis; and conveying the insights from research findings will give students a clear view of how to make marketing research work.

    The ethical dilemmas faced by researchers, the social and cultural issues of research created by globalisation and more powerful forms of communication (e.g. e-communication) will be addressed. This text aims to present a clear understanding of the nature, scope and process of marketing research at an introductory level and to give students the study skills to confidently design all stages of the marketing research process.

    This book is perfect for one semester courses in Marketing Research.

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    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Pearson
    • Data de lançamento setembro 2019
    • EAN 9781787644205

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