How The West Was Won

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    How The West Was Won
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    Resumo How The West Was Won

    The first feature film to be photographed and projected in the panoramic three-camera Cinerama process, this epic Western is almost as expansive as the West itself, chronicling a pioneering family's triumphs and tragedies in numerous episodes spanning three generations and a half century of westward movement. Divided into five segments directed by veteran Hollywood filmmakers Henry Hathaway, George Marshall, and the legendary John Ford (and including uncredited sequences directed by Richard Thorpe), the film was one of the most ambitious ever made by the venerable MGM studio.

    Its stellar cast reads like a virtual who's who of Hollywood's biggest stars. Debbie Reynolds plays a sturdy survivor of many pioneering dangers, and the eventual widow of a gambler (Gregory Peck), who is later reunited with her nephew (George Peppard), a Civil War veteran and cavalryman who heads for San Francisco as the transcontinental railroad is being built.

    Many more characters and stories are woven throughout this epic film, which is dramatically uneven but totally engrossing with its stunning vistas and countless outdoor locations in Illinois, Kentucky, South Dakota, Monument Valley in Arizona, California, Colorado, and elsewhere.

    Características detalhadasHow The West Was Won

    • Intérprete James Stewart
    • Realizador(es) John Ford
    • Intérprete John Wayne
    • Editor Lusomundo / Warner
    • Áudio Inglês, Francês Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround
    • Duração 155 Minutos
    • Formato Vídeo Widescreen 2.35:1 anamórfico
    • Legendas Não Legendado em Português
    • Número de Discos 1
    • Formato DVD
    • Ano 1963

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