Life On The Other Side

Sylvia Browne (Autor) A psychic's Tour of the Afterlife Edição em Inglês
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    Life On The Other Side
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    Resumo Life On The Other Side

    In Life on The Other Side, Sylvia Browne explains what happens when we die; what The Other Side looks like; who's waiting for us on The Other Side; how we spend out time on The Other Side; why and how we return from The Other Side. With her trademark warm and down-to-earth style, Sylvia Browne's insights into the afterlife are utterly compelling yet wonderfully reassuring. Sylvia looks over her lifelong career as a psychic, using past experiences, readings, hypnosis sessions and research to illustrate her findings about The Other Side. For the very first time, we are shown an unprecedented view of a peaceful place where our departed loved ones are patiently awaiting us - and where the next leg of our eternal journey will begin. This book is absolutely unforgettable!

    Características detalhadasLife On The Other Side


    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Piatkus
    • Data de lançamento março 2012
    • EAN 9781405515832

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