Lançado em julho de 2017 (ePub) em Inglês
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    Resumo Link

    An adventuresome, ethereal being (Link) discovers Earth and the concept of the physical during his explorations of other worlds from his non-physical realm, Altura. Link gets fascinated with Earth and makes regular visits to this planet. But because he is formless, he can observe but cannot truly experience what it is to be physical. He wants to have this experience. That desire grows, and eventually he chooses to trade his non-physical state to become human. He enters the physical under a tree on Earth where he slowly discovers his newly emerging condition. Dax, a curious, lovable 12 year old boy, and the village favorite, comes upon Link (the new human) naked, in a state of self-discovery as he is in the process of learning to move his limbs. The first of many conversations unfolds in which Dax, along with the reader, gets acquainted with Link's non-ph ysical world that is our true home.

    Through Dax and his grandmother, Link is introduced to the village, and there he begins his journey of understanding the complicated nuances of the human condition, while attempting to create a link to and remembrance of that other world that we have long left behind.

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    • Formato ePub
    • Editor
    • Data de lançamento julho 2017
    • EAN 9781456628802

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