Market Research In A Week

Market Research In Seven Simple Steps Lançado em maio de 2016 (ePub) em Inglês
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    Market Research In A Week
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    Resumo Market research in a week

    Market Research just got easier
    Every day in business we make decisions. To reduce the risk associated with making these decisions, it's essential to understand your consumer and your market, and this is why we conduct market research. Decisions are not taken in a vacuum; there are competitive products and services in your marketplace, which means that consumers can choose whether or not to buy your product. Some decisions are high risk such as launching a new product, changing the packaging of an existing product, making a price change, changing the creative direction or strategy of the advertising or selling into new markets. How will your consumers react to the decisions you make and how will your competitors respond?

    This book takes you through the market research process from initial problem identification through research design, consideration of alternative methodologies, briefing an agency, questionnaire design and approval, to managing the project, analysis and presentation of results.

    Whether you use an outside research agency or your own market research or consumer insight department, spending a week to understand the process will give you unique skills which will ensure that you get the research results you need that will address the marketing questions you have.

    Each of the seven chapters in Market Research In A Week covers a different aspect:
    - Sunday: Market research and project design
    - Monday: The research brief and research proposal
    - Tuesday: Qualitative market research
    - Wednesday: Quantitative market research
    - Thursday: Questionnaire and topic guide design
    - Friday: Research analysis
    - Saturday: Report writing and presentation skills

    Características detalhadasMarket research in a week


    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Teach Yourself
    • Data de lançamento maio 2016
    • Coleção TYW
    • EAN 9781444159660