Operation Shylock

A Confession Lançado em dezembro de 2012 (ePub) em Inglês
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    Operation Shylock

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    • Data de lançamento dezembro 2012
      Editor Odyssey Editions
      Formato ePub

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    • «Subtle, funny and furious.»

      What if a lookalike stranger stole your name, hijacked your biography, and went about the world pretending to be you?
      Startlingly, Philip Roth meets a man in Jerusalem called Philip Roth who has been touring Israel - riding high on the author's reputation - preaching a bizarre reverse-exodus of the Jews, encouraging them to return to their ancestral homes in Europe. Roth decides to stop him, even if that means impersonating the impersonator.

      "Operation Shylock" is at once...
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    Resumo Operation Shylock

    What if a lookalike stranger stole your name, usurped your biography and went around the world pretending to be you? In this tour de force of fact and fiction, Philip Roth meets a man who may or may not be Philip Roth. Because someone with that name has been touring the State of Israel, promoting a bizarre exodus in reverse of the Jews. Roth decides to stop him—even if that means impersonating his impersonator. Suspenseful, hilarious, hugely impassioned, pulsing with intelligence and narrative energy, Operation Shylock is at once a spy story, a political thriller, a meditation on identity, and a confession.

    Like Pushkin and Dostoevsky before him, Philip Roth takes on the subject of the writer’s double, which for Roth is inevitably bound up in Jewishness and identity. This is a bold, inventive and energetic departure from his past novels, a meta-novel, and, like all of his writing, full of ideas, wit, humor and startling observation.

    Características detalhadasOperation Shylock

    • Autor Philip Roth
    • Editor Vintage Publishing
    • EAN 978-0099307914
    • ISBN 9780099307914
    • Dimensões 12,9 x 19,8 cm
    • Nº Páginas 400
    • Encadernação Paperback


    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Odyssey Editions
    • Data de lançamento dezembro 2012
    • EAN 9781623730055

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