Polytunnels, greenhouses and protec

BARRETT, THADY (Autor) Livro de Bolso em Inglês
    Polytunnels, greenhouses and protec_0
    Polytunnels, greenhouses and protec
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    Resumo Polytunnels, greenhouses and protec

    This comprehensive book, written by an acknowledged expert, is packed with useful information and is an invaluable reference work that covers all aspects of protected horticulture. It discusses the appropriate siting for a greenhouse enterprise, and covers greenhouse design principles and commercial glasshouses. It also considers cladding materials, the development and use of polythene-clad tunnel structures, and greenhouse energy sources. The greenhouse environment, growing rooms, irrigation, composts and other growing media are examined as well as plant nutrients, fertilizers, pest and disease control, nursery hygiene and much more. This is essential reading for keen amateur gardeners with an interest in growing plants under glass, and an invaluable reference work for undergraduate and post-graduate horticultural students, consultants, commercial horticultural growers and for all those involved in the protected horticultural sector. Fully illustrated with 86 colour photographs, graphs and drawings.

    Características detalhadasPolytunnels, greenhouses and protec


    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Crowood
    • Data de lançamento agosto 2016
    • EAN 9781785001864

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