A Principal Manager's Guide to Leverage Leadership 2.0

How to Build Exceptional Schools Across Your District Lançado em julho de 2018 (ePub) em Inglês
    • A Principal Manager's Guide to Leverage Leadership 2.0_0
    A Principal Manager's Guide to Leverage Leadership 2.0

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    Resumo Principal manager's guide to levera

    Build better schools by training better leaders

    A Principal Manager*’s Guide to Leverage Leadership answers the question that district leaders have been asking across the country:  if Leverage Leadership is a roadmap for principals on how to lead great schools, what can principal managers and districts do to support them on that path?  A Principal Manager’*s Guide to Leverage Leadership offers a step-by-step guide to coaching principals to the highest levels of achievement, and it is rooted in studying the most successful principal managers and districts across the country.  It can be used by principal managers/supervisors, superintendents, district and state leadership, and principal training organizations to accelerate the growth of principals in your community.  Used in conjunction with Leverage Leadership 2.0, this book identifies the key actions principal managers should take to create exceptional school leaders, integrating the seven levers of leadership into district culture from the principal manager on up. With a particular emphasis on the two “super-levers” of data-driven instruction and student culture, this book is packed with advice, professional development materials, and real-world videos of principal managers in action, offering principal managers a valuable resource for bringing about change.

    A Principal Manager’s Guide to Leverage Leadership introduces a new unifying approach that is also highlighted in Leverage Leadership 2.0: See It, Name It, Do It. It gives you the tools to See it (see models of effective practice and identify gaps), Name it (name concrete actions for improvement) and Do it (provide means to practice these action steps until a principal masters them)

    With A Principal Manager*’*s Guide to Leverage Leadership in hand, principal managers, superintendents and principal training organizations can facilitate district-wide and state-wide transformations and hasten the benefit to the students and community as a whole.

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    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Jossey-Bass
    • Data de lançamento julho 2018
    • EAN 9781119496656


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