Protagoras and Meno

Lançado em outubro de 2005 (ePub) em Inglês
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    Protagoras and Meno
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    Resumo Protagoras and meno

    Exploring the question of what exactly makes good people good, Protagoras and Meno are two of the most enjoyable and accessible of all of Plato's dialogues. Widely regarded as his finest dramatic work, the Protagoras, set during the golden age of Pericles, pits a youthful Socrates against the revered sophist Protagoras, whose brilliance and humanity make him one the most interesting and likeable of Socrates' philosophical opponents, and turns their encounter into a genuine and lively battle of minds. The Meno sees an older but ever ironic Socrates humbling a proud young aristocrat as they search for a clear understanding of what it is to be a good man, and setting out the startling idea that all human learning may be the recovery of knowledge already possessed by our immortal souls.

    Características detalhadasProtagoras and meno


    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Penguin
    • Data de lançamento outubro 2005
    • EAN 9780141928234

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