Rhs let's get gardening

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    Rhs let's get gardening
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    Resumo Rhs let's get gardening

    Learn to grow your own vegetables and herbs, attract awesome wildlife such as butterflies and bees, and be a green gardener with lots of recycling tips. Whether you've got a big vegetable patch or just a windowsill, you can grow all sorts of plants with this colourful RHS ebook.

    Includes easy-to-follow step-by-step activities, this ebook helps children learn about conservation, recycling and sustainability in simple, practical, and hands-on ways. They will build a mini nature reserve, turn old wellies into plant pots, grow fruit and vegetables that they can really eat, plant a bee-friendly space, create a ladybird sanctuary, and much more. Help nature with every activity and discover the joys of growing plants from seeds.

    So grab your potting mix and let's get gardening!

    Características detalhadasRhs let's get gardening


    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Dk children
    • Data de lançamento maio 2019
    • EAN 9780241406717

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