Seashore: For tablet devices

Lançado em fevereiro de 2008 (ePub) em Inglês
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    Seashore: For tablet devices

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    • Data de lançamento fevereiro 2008
      Editor Usborne publishing ltd
      Formato ePub

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    • Which fish can breathe on land? Why do some crabs live in other animals' shells? And what happens when seabirds drink too much sea water? Beginner readers can find the answers to these questions, and lots of other exciting facts, in this colourful book illustrated with photographs.

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    Resumo Seashore

    Which fish can breathe on land? What happens when a seagull drinks too much water? Find out lots of fascinating facts about the seashore and the creatures that live there in this colourful information book, specially written for children just beginning to read on their own. Includes full-colour photographs and links to recommended websites to find out more about life on the seashore. This is a highly illustrated ebook that can only be read on the Kindle Fire or other tablet.

    "Excellent for helping children to learn to use books for research. Short chunks of text and plenty of pictures make these books really fun to read." - Parents in Touch

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