Secret brotherhoods

Rudolf Steiner (Autor) Edição em Inglês
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    Secret brotherhoods
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    Resumo Secret brotherhoods

    In the age of the internet and the proliferation of 'conspiracy theories', the idea that secret groups are seeking to gain control over humanity is no longer uncommon. This was not the case in 1917, however, when Rudolf Steiner spoke on this theme in these extraordinary lectures. His unique contribution to this controversial topic is no abstract theory, but arose from his specific research methodology involving the use of advanced forms of perception and cognition. With the firsthand knowledge available to him, Steiner takes us behind the scenes of external events, revealing the dark world of secret, elitist brotherhoods working to control the masses through the forces of economics, technology and political assassinations. These hidden groups, he explains, seek to gain power through the use of ritual magic and suggestion.

    Among the many other topics tackled here, Steiner speaks on the geographical quality of the American continent and the forces that proceed from it; the nature of the double (doppelganger) and the dangers of psychoanalysis; the spiritual origin of electromagnetism; the abuse of inoculations and vaccinations; the meaning of Ireland for world development; the confusion of angels with higher beings and the divinity; and, above all, the need for clear insight into world events based on spiritual knowledge. Never before available in English as a complete volume, the text of this book has been freshly translated for this edition.

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    This volume is an investigation into secret groups with hidden agendas.

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