The House Across the Street

Lançado em setembro de 2018 (ePub) em Inglês
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    The House Across the Street

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    • Data de lançamento setembro 2018
      Editor Michael Joseph
      Formato ePub

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    • Twenty-three-year-old Katy Speed has always been fascinated by the house across the street . . . The woman who lives there, Gloria, is the most glamorous neighbour on the avenue, owning a fashionable dress shop in Bexhill-on-Sea. But who is the woman who arrives in the black car most Saturdays while Gloria is at work? Sometimes she brings women to the house, and other times the women come with children.Hilda, Katy's mother, disapproves of Gloria. She wonders where these mysterious visitors have come from, and what they want... Ver mais

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    Resumo The House Across the Street

    Is there a murderer across the street?

    It's 1964 and twenty-three-year-old Katy Speed is fascinated by glamorous Gloria and the goings-on at her house over the road.

    Who are the mysterious women that keep coming and going in the strange black car?

    Then one night, Gloria's house burns to the ground. Bodies are found in the wreckage.

    And Katy's horror turns to disbelief when her own father is arrested and charged with murder.

    Determined to prove his innocence, Katy sets out to uncover the truth about the mysterious house across the street and find the real murderer. But that means risking her own life . . .

    The House Across the Street is a captivating story of secrets, loyalties and murder that you won't be able to put down.


    * * * * * - Heat

    'Heart-warming and evocative, a real delight to read' Sun

    'A narrative that gallops along, this is quintessential Pearse that will delight her army of readers' Daily Mail

    'Glorious, heartwarming' Woman & Home

    'Evocative, compelling, told from the heart' Sunday Express

    'Gripping' Hello

    Características detalhadasThe House Across the Street

    • Autor Lesley Pearse
    • Editor Penguin Books
    • EAN 978-0718189242
    • ISBN 9780718189242
    • Dimensões 16,5 x 24,1 x 3,6 cm
    • Nº Páginas 352
    • Encadernação Hardback


    • Formato ePub
    • Editor Michael Joseph
    • Data de lançamento setembro 2018
    • EAN 9780718189266

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