Deep House Tribute by Bart&Baker (Electronic Cover Songs) (2CD)

    Deep House Tribute by Bart&Baker (Electronic Cover Songs) (2CD)_0
    Deep House Tribute by Bart&Baker (Electronic Cover Songs) (2CD)
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    Descrição Deep House Tribute by Bart&Baker (Electronic Cover Songs) (2CD)

    O melhor da deep house, num 2CD com o selo da Wagram.

    Características detalhadasDeep House Tribute by Bart&Baker (Electronic Cover Songs) (2CD)

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    Faixas do álbum Deep House Tribute by Bart&Baker (Electronic Cover Songs) (2CD)

    • 01 Fever (feat. Mischa) by Joachim Pastor
    • 02 Twist in My Sobriety by Sono
    • 03 Georgy Porgy (Larse Remix) by Vintage Lounge Orchestra
    • 04 Gypsy Woman by Little Freaky Things
    • 05 Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (Tropical Mix) by Felix & Fregonese presents Frans Strandberg
    • 06 J'ai deux amours (feat. Nicolle Rochelle) [Bruce Leers Remix] by Bart&Baker
    • 07 Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Radio Edit)by Vanilla Ace, Consoul Trainin
    • 08 Nothing Compares 2 U (feat. Antoinette) [Stan Kolev Remix] by Monsieur ZonZon
    • 09 Purple Rain (feat. Steve Clisby) [Mousse T's Home Alone Mix] by Chew Fu
    • 10 On the Beach (feat. Katy Blue) [Stefan Gruenwald & Chassio Extended Mix] by Stefan Gruenwald, D-Chill
    • 11 Groovejet (Andrey Exx & Fomichev Remix)[Lissat & Voltaxx vs. Marc Fisher] by Lissat & Voltaxx vs Marc Fisher
    • 12 Sweet Harmony (feat. Pearl Anderson) [Short Edit] by Sans Souci
    • 13 Ain't Nobody (Andrey Exx & Hot Hotels Remix Edit) by Lissat & Voltaxx
    • 14 Ready or Not (Kant Vocal Remix) by Milk & Sugar
    • 15 Why Can't We Live Together (Radio Edit) by Timo Jahns
    • 16 Prayer in C (feat. Jona Selle) by Karlkaa
    • 17 Sing It Back (feat. Moon Yet) [Limakk Remix] by Monsieur ZonZon
    • 18 J'veux du soleil (feat. Camila Colt & Charlot Berreta) [Aleksey Kraft Remix] by Bart&Baker
    • 19 Brother on the Run (feat. Boris Jennings) [The Reflex Remix] by Mousse T
    • 20 Walk on the Wild Side (Ibiza Dream Mix) by DJ Disse
    • 21 Deep Hits Mix by Bart&Baker
    • 22 Big City (Dancehall Remix) by Byron Motley
    • 23 Nature Boy (Radio Edit) by Deepanima
    • 24 La vie en rose (feat. Pascale E.) [Limakk Mix] by Monsieur ZonZon
    • 25 Autumn Leaves (Radio Edit) by Deepanima
    • 26 Human Nature (feat. Wesley Phillips ) [Pat The Cat Deep Dub] by Monsieur ZonZon
    • 27 Femme fatale (feat. Kitten On The Keys) by Bart&Baker
    • 28 Shout (Club Edit) by Froidz
    • 29 The Logical Song (Radio Edit) by Noon
    • 30 How Will I Know (feat. Justine Eltakchi) by TJK
    • 31 How Deep Is Your Love by Nadia Gattas
    • 32 Mas Que Nada (feat. Rolando Faria) by David K
    • 33 Machin choses (feat. Kid A) [Ewan Pearson Remix] by Bachar Mar-Khalife
    • 34 Break on Through by DJ Disse
    • 35 There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (feat. Anja Øyen Vister) [Radio Edit] by Dalminjo
    • 36 Uska Dara (feat. Eartha Kitt) [Original Mix] by Can 7
    • 37 Zombie (feat. Laura Lupino) [Extended Mix] by Melloton
    • 38 Dreams (The Cube Guys Edit) by Vintage Lounge Orchestra
    • 39 A Forest (feat. Kitten On The Keys) by Bart&Baker
    • 40 Eye of the Tiger (Future House Edit) by Crew 7
    • 41 Saddle Up (feat. David Christie) [Teenage Mutants Remix] by Traumton
    • 42 Deep Trip Mix by Bart&Baker

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