Wiley (6589)

Wiley (6589)
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  • Photothermal Spectroscopy Methods
  • GARCH Models
  • Multidimensional Signal and Color Image Processing Using Lattices
  • Practical Applications of Bayesian Reliability
  • Game-Theoretic Foundations for Probability and Finance
  • Neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's Disease
  • Wiley Interpretation and Application of IFRS Standards
  • Ediacaran Microfossils from the Doushantuo Formation Chert Nodules in the Yangtze Gorges Area, South China, and New Biozones
  • Design and Analysis of Composite Structures for Automotive Applications
  • Lessons in Corporate Finance
  • Numerical Analysis for Applied Science
  • Applied Landscape Ecology
  • Teaching Psychology
  • Audit and Accounting Guide
  • SketchUp for Builders
  • Ageing and Life Extension of Offshore Structures
  • Real Communication
  • Rethinking Strategy
  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Ship Hydrodynamics
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