nightflare Hardcover

brendan Doms
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    nightflare Hardcover
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    Descrição nightflare Hardcover

    The First Murder In Outer SpaceAn Experiment UnfinishedLove Lost And FoundFollow AYoung Woman At AMidwestern College, AVengeful Lab Assistant On ASpace Station, And APair Of Investigators Way Out Of Their League As They All Try To Navigate Loss, Betrayal, And AMenacing New Threat To Every Person On Earth.  In This Epic Scifi Space Opera Factions Vie For Control Of Nothing Less Than The Future Of HumankindTo Win, They,ll Rely On Their Wits, Their Instincts, And Each OtherAnd Lasers'

    Características detalhadasnightflare Hardcover

    • Comprimento 17,46
    • Largura 152
    • Peso 493
    • Altura 229
    • Editora brendan Doms
    • Colecção Romance
    • Idiomas Inglês

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