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brenna Aubrey
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    high Risk Paperback -
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    Descrição high Risk Paperback -

    He?ll Break All The Rules To Keep The Last Promise To His Best Friend Commander Ryan Tyler Is ATrue American Hero?a Former Navy Seal And The Man Who Saved The International Space StationYet He Couldn?t Save The Best Friend Who Died In His PlaceFallout From That Tragic Accident Thrust Ty Into ADark And Dangerous Lifestyle, But When He?s Given The Unexpected Chance To Fly Again, He Grabs It Gray Barrett Never Imagined That Her Dream Job As AFlight Psychologist Would Depend Upon Keeping An Astronautgonewild On The Straight And NarrowYet Here She Is, Babysitting The Gorgeous And Insufferably Cocky Ryan TylerEverything Hangs On His Ability To Maintain ANew Image For The Public Eye To Make Up For Past SinsBut As They Spend Time Together, She?s Drawn To The Shattered Man Who Refuses To Let Anyone Through The Impenetrable Façade He?s Built Around HimselfTheir Goals Are Firmly In Place And Almost Within GraspThe Only Thing That Could Screw It Up Is Falling In Love'

    Características detalhadashigh Risk Paperback -

    • Comprimento 21,71
    • Largura 140
    • Peso 488
    • Altura 216
    • Editora silver Griffon Associates
    • Colecção Romance
    • Idiomas Inglês

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