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bruce Mclaren
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    turbulence Paperback -
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    Descrição turbulence Paperback -

    AYoung Man?s Flight Of FancyASeries Of Sensual EncountersAn Epic Journey That Will Either Lead To Destruction, Enlightenment, Or BothHe Loves Exotic Travel And Alluring Women, Preferably TogetherEmbarking On ALifelong Journey Across The World, ARazorsharp Academic Delights In Highly Sensual Encounters With The Opposite SexAs Each Experience Deepens His Philosophy, He Experiments On AQuest For Something More, Suffering Several Hard Landings Along The Way.but Drink, Ambition, And Tragedy Eventually Send Him Down ABumpy Path Of SelfdestructionIf He Doesn?t Moderate His Excesses, His Original Journey Will Only Go In One Direction..Into ADeath SpiralWill ADetermined Man Learn From His Travels Or Will His Hedonistic Vision Send Him Crashing Down To Earth?turbulence Is ARich And Poignant Literary NovelIf You Like Sizzling Indulgences, Intriguing Encounters, And Antiheroes With Attitude, Then You?ll Love Bruce Mclaren?s Extravagant Adventure'

    Características detalhadasturbulence Paperback -

    • Comprimento 10,45
    • Largura 152
    • Peso 268
    • Altura 229
    • Editora amsterdam Publishers
    • Colecção Romance
    • Idiomas Inglês

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