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    knight Secrets Paperback -
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    Descrição knight Secrets Paperback -

    Sworn To Protect The Crown, AKnight Of The Swan Must Never Surrendernot Even To Love ...England, Ordered Never To Leave The Lonely Tower On Her Family Estate, Lady Clarice Margrave Is Suddenly Set Free When Her Home Is PlunderedNow She Is Determined To Discover The Truth Behind Her Fathers Alleged TreasonBut An Act Of Daring Only Propels Her Into ANew Prison, With The Very Knight Who Destroyed Her Home As Her KeeperSir Ranulf, Lord Of Sedgewic, Is Ruthless In His Inquisition, Though There Is ASearing Tenderness In His TouchIs It Possible Her Bold Jailor Is The Red Wolf Of Whom Her Father Spokeand The One Man She Might Be Able To Trust? As AKnight, Ranulf Never Questions His Troth, But His Beautiful Prisoner Stirs His Heart And Mind Like No OtherClarice Is Achingly Vulnerableand Extremely Closedmouth About Her Possible Ties To The Plot Against The KingDuty Demands He Keep His Distance, Though He Yearns To Take Her To His Bed And Adore Her Until He Discovers What Lies Within Her HeartAnd He Wouldif He Werent In Danger Of Losing His Own ...'

    Características detalhadasknight Secrets Paperback -

    • Comprimento 14,62
    • Largura 140
    • Peso 328
    • Altura 216
    • Editora random House
    • Colecção Romance
    • Idiomas Inglês

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