a Gift From Home Paperback -

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    a Gift From Home Paperback -
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    Descrição a Gift From Home Paperback -

    For Readers Who Have Read The First Three Books In The Series, This Is John Reillys Story! John Reilly Is Expecting APackage From Home, Something Light As AFeather And Twice As SweetLittle Does He Realize The Package Isnt The Baked Goods Hes Been Dreaming Of But AGrownup Version Of The Thirteenyearold Girl Who Used To Follow Him EverywhereWhen John Reilly Doesnt Return To County Cork, Ireland, Jessi Fahy Boards AShip And Tracks Him DownShe Arrives In Emerson, Colorado, Hot, Tired, And Dusty, But He Doesnt Recognize HerFive And AHalf Years Of Waiting In Vain, Combined With AHorrendous Voyage And The Realization That John Doesnt Remember Her, Have Jessi Fisting Her Hand And Testing MrsReillys Secret WeaponWith AWicked Right Cross, Big John Reilly Goes Down Like AStoneIn Book Of CHAdmirands Irish Western Series, The Temporarily Disbanded Committee For The Betterment Of Emerson Is At It Again! This Time They Accuse Jessi Fahy Of Setting Fire To Petersons Stable, Injuring MrPeterson, Brawling In Public And Ruining The Good Name Of The Flahertys Foreman, John ReillyOther Books In C.hAdmirands Irish Western Series '

    Características detalhadasa Gift From Home Paperback -

    • Comprimento 17,20
    • Largura 127
    • Peso 323
    • Altura 203
    • Editora colleen HAdmirand
    • Colecção Romance
    • Idiomas Inglês

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