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    Descrição for Love Of Flynn Paperback -

    For Romance Readers Who Have Read The First Four Books In My Irish Western Series, This Is Michael Flynn,s StoryIt,s ANew Short Story To Tide Readers Over Until ICan Finish Writing Masterson,s Story, Which Will Be Book Megan O,mara Has Been Waiting Four Years And Days For Michael Flynn To Fulfill His Promise To Marry HerShe,s Done WaitingWith Just AFew Months Left Before Her st Birthday, She Counts Up All Of The Pin Money She,s Saved To Give Her And Michael AStart In Their Married Life And Uses It To Buy Passage On AShip To America And Then ATicket On The Stagecoach That Will Take Her Halfway Across The Country To Emerson, Colorado Where She Plans To Confront The Man Who,s Broken Her HeartMichael Flynn Worked His Way West From New York City Where He Got Off The Boat From Ireland Five Years BeforeHe,s Promised Meg, His Sweetheart Back Home, That He,d Be Back In Five Years To Marry HerBut By Buying His Way Into ACard Game To Double His Money And Return To Ireland AWellpropertied Man That Meg Could Be Proud Of Goes Awry When He Winsand Then Is Shot And Robbed By The Very Same Man He Cleaned Out At The Poker TableWill Meg Be Able To Reach Michael In Time To Save Him? Other Titles In C.hAdmirand,s Irish Western Series '

    Características detalhadasfor Love Of Flynn Paperback -

    • Comprimento 8,80
    • Largura 127
    • Peso 168
    • Altura 203
    • Editora colleen HAdmirand
    • Colecção Romance
    • Idiomas Inglês

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