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    the Elephant In The Room Paperback -
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    Descrição the Elephant In The Room Paperback -

    The Elephant In The Room AHoliday Tradition For Interfaith Families The December Dilemma Looms Large For Interfaith FamiliesThis Book Strives To Honor Family And FunIt Provides AWay For Parents And Children To Embrace Their Own Holiday And Have ADeep Appreciation For The Other Holidays Celebrated By Their Extended And Blended FamilyRabbi Michael Shields, Davidson, North Carolina The God Of Christmas And The God Of Chanukkah Are The SameGod Reveals Himself To Many Groups Of People And Each Seeks AFitting Way To Respond To HimWe Are All Created In Gods Image And Give Honor And Glory To Him By Loving And Respecting Each OtherFrDan Nolan, Csv, Catholic Chaplain, Chicago, Illinois ILove That No One Is Left Out! Sloane, Age This Book Makes Both Holidays Even More FunJonathanbradley, Age Finally!! ABook That Brings Jewish And Christian Kids Together! Gussie, Age Yay...a Holiday Book That Includes Me! Alice, Age My Friends Want To Be Like Me And Do Both Chanukkah And ChristmasJeffrey, Age Were Going To Read It Every Single Year Jillian Beth, Age '

    Características detalhadasthe Elephant In The Room Paperback -

    • Comprimento 3,04
    • Largura 216
    • Peso 164
    • Altura 280
    • Editora archway Publishing
    • Colecção General fiction (Children's/YA)
    • Idiomas Inglês

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