the Leopard And His Spots Paperback -

suzanne Mauro
    the Leopard And His Spots Paperback -_0
    the Leopard And His Spots Paperback -
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    Descrição the Leopard And His Spots Paperback -

    Once Upon ATime, The Creator Sculpted ABeautiful Cat To Live In The WorldHe Called Him Leopard And Released The Cat Into The JungleThe Lovely Feline Looked Nothing Like The Leopard We Know TodayHe Had The Same Agile Frame, But The Leopard Did Not Have Any Spots! His Sleek, Yellow Coat Gleamed Brilliantly In The Sun, And All Who Saw Him Admired His BeautyThis Beauty Made The Leopard Prideful And Kept Him Separate And AloneNevertheless, The Leopard Happily Strutted About Knowing That The Other Jungle Animals Were Watching HimOne Day, While Wandering Around An Unfamiliar Part Of The Jungle, The Leopard Happened Upon An Outcropping Of RocksHere, He Spotted AGroup Of Lionesses Lying In The SunCaptivated By AParticularly Beautiful Lioness, The Leopard Sensed AStirring In His Heart That He Had Never Experienced Before, The Feeling We Know As LoveDriven By The Power Of This Love, The Leopard Surrendered His Pride And In An Effort To Win The Affection Of The Lioness, He Sacrificed His Radiant CoatThe Leopards Willingness To Relinquish His Beauty For The Love Of The Lioness Ultimately Becomes ACatalyst, Prompting AChain Of Events That Cause Him To Earn His Spots, Lose Faith, And Become BitterIn The End, However, Hope PrevailsThe Vigilant Creator Blesses Him, Restoring All That The Leopard Thought He Had LostThis Tale Truly Illuminates How The Redemptive Power Of Love Can Conquer All And Invoke The Ultimate, Eternal Transformation Of Life Itself'

    Características detalhadasthe Leopard And His Spots Paperback -

    • Comprimento 2,76
    • Largura 203
    • Peso 130
    • Altura 254
    • Editora christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
    • Colecção General fiction (Children's/YA)
    • Idiomas Inglês

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