melody The Mermaid Paperback -

valerie Taylor
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    melody The Mermaid Paperback -
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    Descrição melody The Mermaid Paperback -

    Melody Is AConfident, Adventurous Young Mermaid, The Daughter Of The King And Queen Of The Kingdom Of PearlWhile Her Seven Mersisters All Have Golden Curls, Melody,s Long Hair Is ABeautiful Shade Of Green.melody,s Adventurous Nature And Her Unusual Looks Get Her Into Trouble When She Goes Looking For Her Friend Leafy, AYoung Leafy Sea Dragon Who,s Gone MissingMelody Sees Leafy Being Lured Away By Two Moray EelsSoon Leafy Gets Caught In ADangerous Current And Is Carried Away.melody Must Rescue LeafyTo Do So, She Has To Leave The Safety Of Her Own Kingdom And Venture Far Into Other Kingdoms Of The SeaIn Her Brave But Potentially Foolish Quest To Save Leafy Melody Faces Dangerous Challenges, Including Being Caught In ANet, ATrap Set By AMenacing Hermit Crab.children Of All Ages Will Be Cheering For Melody As She Seeks To Save Her Friend Leafy And Return Home Safely To The Kingdom Of Pearl.written And Artfully Illustrated By World Famous Australian Undersea Explorer And Film Maker Valerie Taylor, This Book Is ACollector,s Edition Sure To Be AFavorite By Adventure Lovers Of All Ages'

    Características detalhadasmelody The Mermaid Paperback -

    • Comprimento 4,52
    • Largura 216
    • Peso 172
    • Altura 216
    • Editora castle Creative
    • Colecção Fantasy & magical realism (Children's/YA)
    • Idiomas Inglês

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