a Wica Pays AVisit Paperback -

vicki Diane Westling
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    a Wica Pays AVisit Paperback -
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    Descrição a Wica Pays AVisit Paperback -

    When Sam, Rudie And Boots Find AMasked Bandit In Their Clubhouse They Arent Sure What To Make Of ItBut Once Again Hannibal Saves The Day When AWica Takes Shelter In The Barkers ClubhouseMax Teaches Sam And His Friends AValuable Lesson About The Dangers Of Playing With Andor Petting Wild AnimalsAnd, Hannibal Learns That He Is Not The Only One Who Is Tempted By The Precocious Mice Who Live In Farmer Campbells BarnCharacter Lesson '

    Características detalhadasa Wica Pays AVisit Paperback -

    • Comprimento 2,64
    • Largura 216
    • Peso 93
    • Altura 216
    • Editora authorhouse
    • Colecção General fiction (Children's/YA)
    • Idiomas Inglês

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