Son Of Superman

Tyrone Pierson
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    Son Of Superman
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    Descrição Son Of Superman

    ?son Of Superman? Is ASitcom Created Produced In Atlanta, Georgia? About AYoung Man Who Starts From Rock Bottom, With Big Dreams Even Bigger Obstacles, Who Amazingly Climbs His Way Up From Excon To IconYou Are Allowed To See The Good, The Bad, The Humor In AMan?s Quest To Go From Local Hero, To $ Billion Dollar Super HeroThis Literary Masterpiece Combines The Comedy Of Urban Life, With The Responsibility Of Raising Socioeconomical Sociopolitical Awareness.  The Storyline Gets Interesting When The Audience Realizes Tyreal, His Dad Tyroy, His Son Tyreign, Each Have Superpowers That Only They Know AboutThey Weren?t Born With Them, But They Were Born With The Ability To Develop Them Individually Over TimeThey Didn?t Get Them All At The Same TimeThey Had To Earn Them Over TimeWhenever They Do Good Deeds, They Receive ?super Credits?After They?ve Accumulated ANonspecific Amount Of Super Credits, It Triggers APowerful Shockwave That Unlocks ABrand New SuperpowerTheir Superpowers Are Broken Down Into Categories Offense, Defense, Special TeamsIn Addition To The Superpowers, They Also Have Special Abilities Known As ?apps?.  Each Episode Is Another Creative Example Of How Life In The Hood Can Either Destroy You, Or Make You StrongerAnd Whichever Outcome You Allow, Through Whatever Struggle You Experience, Life In The Hood Can Always Make You LaughThe Very First Episode Documents Tyreal North?s First Day Out On Parole? As He Starts From The Bottom? Begins His Landmark Journey To Work His Way Up To The Top? With Superpowers For ASecret Weapon? Against The Forces Of Evil Trying To Stop HimIn Subsequent Episodes, They Will Earn, Develop, Unlock More Superpowers ?apps?Tyreal Is Already On The Borderline Of Unlocking New Unprecedented Superpowers During Season OneIn Spite Of The Many Obstacles Challenges Tyreal Has To Face, He Continues To Shine, Remind The World Why He Is The Son Of Superman.

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    • Editora Authorhouse
    • Idiomas Inglês

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