Indian Economy Reforms And Development

Pradip Kumar Biswas
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    Indian Economy Reforms And Development
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    Descrição Indian Economy Reforms And Development

    Indian Economy Reforms And Development

    Chapter 1 : Introduction. Chapter 2: Neoliberalism and After: The Indian Experience. Chapter 3:PostReform Development in Indian States: Some Issues on Regional Inequality. Chapter 4: Agriculture in the Perspective of Economic Liberalisation in India. Chapter 5: Agriculture and State Policies in the Neoliberal Regime: A Brief note on the Indian Scenario. Chapter 6: Liberalisation, Industrial Growth and Clustering. Chapter 7: Causes and consequences of service sector growth: Perceptions and realities. Chapter 8: Poverty, Inequality and Job Characteristics in India: The PostReform Scenario. Chapter 9: Growth Characteristics of the Unorganised Sector in India in the PostReform Era. Chapter 10: An Exploratory Analysis of Corporate Churn in Post ?Reform India. Chapter 11: FDI Flow in India: Analysis of Sectoral and Regional Composition. Chapter 12: Banking Industry in India in the PostReform Era: Strurcture, Conduct and Performance. Chapter 13: Finance and Health: PostReform Development in India. Chapter 14: Higher Education Policy in India During the PostLiberalisation Era.

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